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I think the Mahindra e2o is going to use the Chademo fast chargers. Watch this space on further developments. I am looking forward to own one(when i return back to India).

Infact mailed to Mahindra for a customized version with 15 KW motor(no replies yet). Hey Abhishekifmr, You have made a great decision to go electric. The electric driving experience is very different and fun.

The Motor's power capacity is 19 kW and the Lithium Ion Battery pack in the e2o can store around 10kWh worth of energy. Do you want a bigger battery or a powerful motor. If you can get Mahindra Payday loans no credit check to fit a bigger battery, then you can go further.

But it remains to be seen if the e2o can fit in a bigger battery as the additional cells will increase the weight of the e2o.

Yes, there is decent boot space to have 4-5 bags of groceries. How do you get the sms. Hey Farah, So you have your app which talks to the phone right.

Have you used it. Did you ever try starting the AC remotely. Or Start charging remotely or locking and unlocking the car using your iPhone. If yes then you have subscribed to the Future of mobility Services.

In that case, you should get SMS alerts. Do note that you get SMS alerts only if there is a fault in the car or you forget something. Why dont you try some following scenarios. Scenario1 -------------- Park the car but dont lock it. After 10 mins or so, you should get an SMS. Scenario2 -------------- Park the car, Dont pull your handbrake. Just set the car in 'N' (neutral). You should get an SMS from Reva servers saying that the handbrake is not activated. If you dont get an SMS - then contact Mahindra REVA and check if you are subscribed to the 'Future of Mobility' service Yes.

online payday loans Kamlesh - loved the way you have documented your experience. BTW what do you think of the new "fast charge" feature e2o has introduced just now. It requires a 3 phase connection and in 1 hour charges full. Will MSEB give a 3 phase upgrade to residential users. Hi Abhay, DC Quick charging is not recommend at home. At home its good enuf to use the existing 15Amp socket which we charge overnight anyway. As DC current at high voltages is sent directly to the battery.

Using DC Quick charging regularly can compromise the Lithium Ion battery life. I have been trying to convince my family to go ahead n get reva e2o. I hope with ur blog I'll be able to.

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